When will I get billed for my membership?

Mod Monthly and Business plans are charged on the day of registration and then on the same day each month following. On-Demand users will be charged daily upon checking out of the space. The bill will reflect the hourly space usage and any amenities used onsite. 

Are your agreements really month to month?

Yep, all membership plans are month to month. Business plans are subject to cancellation terms stated in the negotiated contract.

How do I pay for my daily purchases?

Memberships include a cashless and seamless billing experience. Once you’ve signed up as a member, all services including hourly space usage, food and beverage, conference room bookings, and concierge services are billed directly to your account. When you check out for the day, you’ll be emailed an itemized receipt so you can track how you’re using Mod. However, you may still pay for food and beverage using additional forms of payment if you wish. 

Who can I contact for support regarding billing issues or concerns? 

All billing questions can be directed to support@mod.work, where we’ll be happy to work with you on any billing concerns. 

How does tipping work at Mod?

We charge 18% gratuity for all food and beverage orders, which goes directly to our service staff.  


Can I just drop in and work at Mod, or do I need to sign up for a monthly membership? 

At most Mod locations, our On-Demand option lets you work when you need to—by the hour or by the day. Mod also offers Monthly Membership plans from individual to enterprise which include unlimited access and other amenity perks. At our Mod HQ + Prototype Lab in San Francisco, we are offering monthly memberships and project packages to commercial and artistic makers.

How do I sign up? 

Currently, Mod sign-ups are handled in person for On Demand users and Monthly Memberships—all we need is your name, email, phone number, and credit card information. If you’re interested in a Business Membership, contact our Account Manager at memberships@mod.work.

After I’ve signed up for membership, how do I access the space?

Just check in with our front desk host to gain access to the space. 


How much does it cost to use the space? 

On-Demand users can work at Mod for $7/hr or $35/day, and can access the space during all Mod operating hours. Monthly memberships start at $250/month.

What is the On-Demand guest policy?

On-Demand users are free to invite guests to work and meet with them at Mod at $7/hr. Any incidentals incurred by guests will be added to their host’s account, unless otherwise arranged. On-Demand users are also responsible for making sure guests get checked in and checked out of Mod each day. 

What is the meeting room policy for On-Demand users?

On-Demand users are free to book meeting rooms by the hour. Users will not be charged the standard hourly rate during their booked meeting room time. If you are an On-Demand user attending another member’s booked meeting, please be sure to let our onsite Host know so that you are not charged for that time spent as a meeting guest. 


How much does a Monthly membership cost?

Monthly memberships start at $250/mo. The Monthly membership provides members with unlimited space usage, 10 free guest hours, 3 free meeting room hours, free drip coffee, and the option of using Mod as your business address.

What is the guest policy for Monthly members?

Monthly members are allotted 10 free guest hours per month, and then $7/hr per guest after the 10 free hours have depleted for the month. Monthly members are responsible for checking guests in and out of the space. Monthly guest hours will not deplete while in a booked meeting room.

May I use Mod as my primary business address? How will I collect my mail?

As a benefit, Mod provides Monthly Members with a business address and mail handling for a small, additional charge. If you would like to have Mod be your primary business address, please coordinate with the onsite Host. Our team will receive and securely store your mail and packages for pickup. When your mail arrives, you will be notified and you may collect your mail when you return to the space. Mod does not offer mail forwarding, and any mail left beyond 30 days will be returned to sender.


What are the benefits of a Mod Business membership? 

From small business to enterprise, we can tailor a plan to suit your company with flexible discounts on access to the space, guests and room bookings. Business Memberships are based on a bank of available hours so as your group uses Mod, hours are deducted—and replenished monthly—with plenty of flexibility to revise terms.


I am not a Monthly Member. Can I still book a meeting room?

Of course! Sign up as an On Demand to work at Mod however you like—in shared space by the hour or in a private meeting room with an hourly room rate. Contact a Host online to book your next meeting. 

How do I book a meeting room? 

Chat with a Host online or onsite about your meeting details. Upon booking, you will receive a confirmation for your upcoming meeting. 

How do I book a space for an offsite meeting or event?

We love hosting events, company offsites, and cultural programming in our space. If you’re interested in booking an event, please chat with a Host online or onsite with your event details. 

How do my guests check into a meeting I’ve booked?

As a private workspace, all guests must check in with a Host at the front desk and provide name, phone number, and email, and agree to our terms and conditions. Please note that all meeting guests may not check into Mod until 15 minutes prior to the booked meeting, and/or until the meeting organizer has arrived. 

Why are meeting guests asked to provide their phone number and email? 

For privacy and security purposes, we ask for minimal guest information so that we can inform them on our space policy and alert them when a booked meeting has concluded. We will not use this information to market to meeting guests.

Can I book a 30 minute meeting?

Sure. Mod meeting rooms can be booked in 1/2 hour increments between the hours of 8:00am-5:30pm. 

What is the cancellation policy for a booked meeting? 

Booked meetings must be canceled no later than an hour before the booking time to be refunded the full amount.  

When will my card get charged for my booked meeting? 

The meeting organizer’s account will be charged at the conclusion of a booked meeting. All food and beverage, additional amenities, and any meeting room extensions will be charged to the meeting organizer’s account. Additionally, members can pay separately for any meeting charges incurred.

As an On-Demand user, will I be charged the standard space usage rate on top of the hourly meeting room rate? 

Don’t worry, our standard hourly rate is not applied during your meetings. 


Can I bring in my own food? 

You are welcome to bring your own food into the space. 

Is there a corkage fee for bringing my own wine selection?  

Unfortunately, we are not able to allow corkage. That said, we have a well-curated collection of wines in bottle and on tap.

Do you take reservations?

We have a first-come, first-serve policy, so we do not take reservations; however, our space is very flexible and you can eat at almost any seat or work area at Mod. Feel free to call ahead to check availability. 

Are you open to the public for lunch?

Our food offering is for Mod members. The cool thing is, you can just sign up as an on-demand member (in under a minute) by putting a card on file. 


What is the Guest Check-In / Check-Out Policy?

To ensure the privacy and security of the members working in our space, all guests are required to check in with our front desk host by providing their name, email, and phone number. Meeting guests are asked to check-out after their meeting or sign up with a Host to continue using the space. Mod member guests are required to check out their guests to not incur charges after they have left. As a Mod member, we ask that you and your guests adhere to this policy and process to ensure the security and quality of the Mod member experience. 

Is my guest allowed to work and spend time at Mod while I am not there?

Guests must be accompanied by a Mod member or meeting organizer at all times and are not permitted to use the space once their hosting member has checked out. If a guest would like to work at Mod unattended, he/she is encouraged to sign up with one of our flexible plans. 

How many guests may I have at a time? How long can they stay?

Each membership plan has different guest privileges. All guests must be checked in and accounted for under a Mod member, and can stay as long as their hosting member is in the space.

Will I be charged for my guests if I book a conference room?

No, you may bring as many guests as your meeting room can accommodate for the duration of your scheduled booking. 


What are Mod’s hours?

Please check the website for each Mod location, as hours may vary. At Mod Phoenix, On-Demand, Monthly, and Business Members have access to our space Monday through Friday, 8:00am - 5:30pm.

Can I bring my kids to Mod? 

Mod is a membership-based club for working professionals, aged 18 and over. As a courtesy to those working in the space, we do not allow children at Mod. Please contact the location General Manager to help accommodate special circumstances. 

Who do I contact if I have an issue or need help?

If you have an issue or a question, our member services team will be happy to help you. Please chat with a Host online or onsite, so we can direct your inquiry to the appropriate department.