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The Business of Intuition

We spend 46.9% of our days in a mental state called “mind wandering”. During this time, we aren’t fully aware of our physical space, conversations, subtle changes in our environment or even the way things taste. Not only is our productivity impaired in this state, we’re also demonstrably unhappy! A growing body of research shows the importance of “being present” in our lives. When fully present we access the subconscious database of knowledge collected during “mind wandering”. When this happens spontaneously (i.e. knowing you should grab an umbrella even though skies are blue and you live in Arizona!), we call it intuition.

This is an interactive workshop. Your admission purchase of $25 includes one adult beverage (must be over 21 with an ID) and two hours of brain massage! Our hope is to foster genuine conversation, personal development and a networking opportunity.

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