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Host / Barista, Mod and Front Cafe

San Francisco, Mission District

Classification: Full-time or part-time, 8:30am-4:30pm, Monday-Friday

Start Date: ASAP



The Role…

The Mod Host/Barista will provide service to guests at Mod, an on-demand workspace be prototyped in the Mission. The Host/Barista will receive and respond to guest requests, which may range from delivering food and making coffee orders to borrowing a phone charger to shipping a package or fulfilling a special request, like organizing on-site massage or delivering hot towels to a meeting. As Host, your job is to both act as caretaker for our guests and ambassador of the Mod brand with a can-do attitude. Your goal is to respond to guest requests quickly, happily and with a charming personality.

As a Front Cafe trained barista, you’ll do more than pull a mean espresso drink; you’ll play an integral role in the hospitality operations at Mod by serving and interacting with our customers and guests in the private workspace. In this dual role, you support the business development team by being knowledgeable about the brand and by inviting interested individuals into the space to take a tour. We also expect you to be able to eloquently describe the values and benefits of this new work lifestyle.

Essential Responsibilities: 

  • Be extremely punctual, tidy and clean in appearance (adhering to the Mod dress policy).
  • Work in a small team to serve food and beverage items from the coffee bar -- you may be asked to help prepare light snacks and coffee orders.
  • Stay current with Mod’s coffee offerings through cuppings and information provided to you by your Lead Barista and Manager.
  • Dial in and serve a variety of coffees in a variety of different brewing methods including but not limited to: espresso, pour over, and cold brew.
  • Ability to explain Mod’s vision and story and how it can be utilized by each customer.
  • Mastery of menu items to ensure accurate answers are given for dietary restrictions, ingredients, and pricing.
  • Adhere to daily maintenance and cleanliness standards in workstations/service areas
  • Daily completion of opening and closing duties outlined by checklists, as well as additional cleaning duties
  • Coffee and espresso machine maintenance, including general cleanliness as well as deep cleaning as necessary

This person embodies the following skills:

  • Strong written communication skills -- you will be responsible for responding to incoming messages on the app and emails from members and customers. You will need to respond in a friendly, but professional manner.
  • Strong verbal communication skills -- you will be responsible for fluently describing the Mod offering, story, and perks to prospective members and guests.  You also will need to communicate professionally with your co-workers and managers.
  • You are an incredible listener -- You can listen to our members, and provide them with the best local recommendations of places to be, eat, drink, or shop.
  • An entrepreneurial spirit, meaning you are a person who takes initiative and ownership to creatively solve problems that arise.
  • You have good time management skills; can manage and complete priorities and workflow, and be detail-oriented.
  • You are tech savvy - you understand the use of on-demand and shared economy technology like Uber, Lyft, Airbnb, Postmates, and more. You understand how to use the suite of Google Drive Apps including Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Slides.
  • You are a perfectionist and you understand that the smallest details matter.
  • Your middle name is “multi-tasker.” You do not get flustered by having to complete and execute multiple tasks at once. You can deliver outstanding service and hospitality by greeting and welcoming guests into our space, booking a meeting room, and chatting with guests via text all at the same time.
  • You take direction well and you are eager to learn and ask questions.
  • You are the best teammate. You thrive in a team atmosphere and you are always willing to lend a hand, even when you are asked to work on a task or project outside your normal job role.

In addition to attaching your resume, please answer the following questions that will give us a better sense of who you are as a person and why Mod and Front Cafe  would be lucky enough to have you on our team.

  1. What interests you about the Mod concept?

  2. Tell us about a retail and/or coffee experience that you love.

  3. Why do you think you are a good fit for hospitality in the workplace?

Please send all applications to We're excited to meet you!